Interdisciplinary Water Resources Seminar - Colorado Water Institute

Interdisciplinary Water Resources Seminar

Spring 2014

Mondays, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Theme: Humans, Resilience and Water
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

All seminar talks take place in the Lory Student Center. Please check the specific talk for detailed room information.

All interested faculty, students and guests are encouraged to attend and participate.


Expand/Collapse[2014-01-27] Stephanie Kampf, CSU

LSC 222

Lecture Title: The Role of Flooding in River Systems: A Panel Discussion on Biophysical Impacts and Research Needs in the Aftermath of the 2013 Front Range Floods

Expand/Collapse[2014-02-03] Jorge Ramirez Neil Grigg Leroy Poff Scott Denning, CSU

LSC 222

Lecture Title: Integrated Water, Atmosphere, Ecosystems, Education and Research

Expand/Collapse[2014-02-10] Pinar Omur-Ozbek, CIVE

LSC 222

Lecture Title: Disasters Bring Disastrous Water Quality

Expand/Collapse[2014-02-17] Mike Gooseff, CIVE

LSC 222

Lecture Title: Hydrologic Response to Climate Variability in the Dry Valleys, Antarctica

Expand/Collapse[2014-02-24] Tom Trout, USDA Agricultural Research Service

LSC 222

Lecture Title: Can Deficit Irrigation Help Sustain Colorado Irrigated Agriculture?

Expand/Collapse[2014-03-03] Steve Malers, Open Water Foundation

LSC 222

Lecture Title: Using the Colorado Decision Support System in Teaching and Research

Expand/Collapse[2014-03-10] Pete Taylor, Sociology

LSC 222

Lecture Title: 'Everybody has their own idea of paradise':Emerging Experiences with Environmental Flow Governance on the Upper Colorado River

Expand/Collapse[2014-03-17] No Class,

Lecture Title: Spring Break

Expand/Collapse[2014-03-24] No Class,

Lecture Title: Hydrology Days

Expand/Collapse[2014-03-31] Pat Byrne Mary Stromberger, Soil & Crop Sciences

LSC 222

Lecture Title: Crop Breeding for Drought Tolerance

Expand/Collapse[2014-04-07] Tony Cheng, Forest and Rangeland Stewardship

LSC 222

Lecture Title: Collaboration as an Essential Component of Restoring Resilient Forests and Watersheds in Colorado's Front Range

Expand/Collapse[2014-04-14] Paul Brooks, University of Arizona

LSC 222

Lecture Title: What Happens to the Rain (Snow)? Quantifying the Effects of Climate and Land Cover Change on Western Water Resources

Expand/Collapse[2014-04-21] Edgar Andreas, NorthWest Science Associates

LSC 222

Lecture Title: Aerodynamic and Scalar Roughness over Snow and Sea Ice

Expand/Collapse[2014-04-28] Mark Fiege, History

LSC 222

Lecture Title: Of Time and the River: History as an Analytical Tool in Colorado Water Management

Expand/Collapse[2014-05-05] Peter Nelson, CIVE

LSC 222

Lecture Title: Flooding, Erosion, and Sedimentation Following the 2012 High Park Fire

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