TR 53 - Gunnison County Interindustry Spending and Employment Attributed to Fishing at Blue Mesa Reservoir, J.R. McKean, D.M. Johnson, and R.G. Walsh, December 1988

An economic input-output model is generated from the USDA IMPLAN system and used to study the role of fishing at Blue Mesa reservoir in the Gunnison county economy. The current contribution of spending by non-resident fishing is estimated to be $5.25 million in added sales revenue and 170 jobs. A weighted least squares statistical travel cost demand model is estimated using a sample of 200 on-site personal interviews. The demand function is used to measure the effect of changes in expected fish catch and travel cost on visit rate. The input-output model and statistical demand equation are combined to calculate schedules of local employment and interindustry sales associated with various levels of expected fish catch and travel cost to visit Blue Mesa reservoir.