TR 37 - An Interindustry Analysis of Three Front Range Foothills Communities: Estes Park, Gilpin County, and Woodland Park, Colorado, J.R. McKean, W. Trock, and D.R. Senf, July 1982

The purpose of this report is to provide a description and analysis of three Front Range foothills economies in eastern Colorado. The intent of the researchers is to provide policy makers with specific information contributing to Forest Service decision-making and planning processes and to provide a planning tool having the capability of analyzing a number of alternative development scenarios in the study regions. The resource base of the Front Range foothills regions, while relatively abundant in terms of the capability to satisfy outdoor recreation demands, is nonetheless quite limited with respect to other factor inputs. Ownership of a major part of the regional resources is vested largely with the Federal Government. Thus, from a regional perspective, policies affecting the disposition for the regional resource base are largely determined outside of the region. From this same perspective, there is a need to develop a detailed description of the economy as it presently exists and an analytical framework which is capable of assessing the direct and indirect consequences of alternative scenarios for resource management by the public and private sectors of the economy. This description and analysis constitutes the major thrust of the research reported here.