TR 26 - An Input-Output Analysis of Sportsman Expenditures in Colorado, J.R. McKean, January 1981

The purpose of this study is to provide estimates of the direct and indirect impacts on the Colorado economy from sportsman exports. Non-resident sportsmen attracted by the bountiful fish or game found in certain regions of Colorado make expenditures in Colorado. Spending in Colorado by non-residential sportsmen is an export for those industries from which sportsmen obtain goods or services. Sports-related, in turn, require inputs from supplying industries within Colorado, and the suppliers also expand their purchases in Colorado, and so on. These secondary economic effects constitute the indirect impacts on the Colorado economy due to sportsman exports. Spending in 14 purchase categories by a sample of non- resident hunters and fishermen will be distributed among state planning regions (for each respondent) according to the percentage of trips made to each area. In this manner, export sales from Colorado to non-resident sportsmen in the sample will be calculated for hunters and fishermen attracted to each of the 13 state planning regions. Total sportsman exports attributed to each planning region will be estimated by expanding the sample spending estimates to the non-resident sportsman population. Colorado business multipliers which show the direct plus indirect effects of an added dollar of sportsmen exports on total business activity in Colorado will be estimated for each of the state planning regions.