TR 25 - The Economy of Northwestern Colorado: Description and Analysis, S.L. Gray, J.R. McKean, and J.C. Weber, January 1981

Recent concern with the adequacy of existing energy supplies to satisfy rapidly expanding requirements has led to plans for increasing production from existing sources and for increasing production from existing sources and for developing new sources. Two resources, coal and oil-bearing shale, are available for rather extensive development in Colorado. The perceived impacts of coal and oil extraction will likely vary depending on the accounting stance or perspective taken, i.e. national, state, or regional. They may include both economic and non-economic effects. While it would be worthwhile endeavor to consider the wide range of perspectives and impacts resulting from rapid energy source developments, time and financial constraints, as well as a concern with the impacts on a particular regional economy, limit the scope of this inquiry to the regional perspective and to an assessment of the economic impacts. Thus, the thrust of this report is to provide a description and analysis of a regional economy within the state of Colorado.