TR 15 - Weekly Crop Consumptive Use and Precipitation in the Lower South Platte River Basin (Fort Morgan, Sterling, and Julesburg) 1947-1975, February 1979

This publication contains weekly consumptive use data, expressed in inches, for the major irrigated crops grown in the lower South Platte River Basin. These data are based upon the historical climatic record of 1947 - 1975 at U.S. Weather Bureau stations at Fort Morgan, Sterling, and Julesburg. Precipitation by weeks is tabulated from the sum of daily amounts. No adjustment in the precipitation data has been made to estimate the amount which is "effective" in meeting consumptive use requirements. Consumptive use has been calculated using the Modified Blaney- Criddle Method given in USDA-SCS Technical Release No. 21, "Irrigation Water Requirements." Statistical characteristics of the data are also provided for each of the three locations.