SR-14 Colorado High Plains Irrigation Practices Guide, Water Saving Options for Irrigators in Eastern Colorado, by Rachel Barta, Israel Broner, Joel Schneekloth and Reagan Waskom, 2004

This report summarizes irrigation practices that offer potential water savings at the field or farm level, providing a summary of the documented water savings options for irrigators in Colorado.  The report provides a significant amount of detail regarding what options are available for water conservation, how these options are used to conserve water, and expected water savings that can be achieved through various irrigation conservation practices. On a field or farm scale, there are a number of water conservation practices that may be employed to reduce the amount of water pumped or diverted.  Due to the site specific nature of agricultural operations, no one set of practices is universally appropriate.  Irrigators must evaluate their cropping system, management constraints and water supplies to determine the right mix of irrigation practices for their farm or ranch.