IS 79 - Proceedings: Workshop on Computer Applications in Water Management, CWRRI, May 1995

The Great Plains Agricultural Council (GPAC) is an organization made up of the Land Grant Universities in the Great Plains States and the GPAC member USDA Agencies. The GPAC provides information on problems and issues relating to agriculture, resource use, and rural development in the Great Plains region.  Responding to a 1992 recommendation from its Water Committee, the GPAC Executive Committee approved the formation of a Task Force in Computer Applications in Water Management.  The Task Force was organized in the spring of 1993 to plan and conduct a workshop which would provide a forum for model developers and users to discuss successes and failures of computer-based tools in water management.  The focus was on illustrating the use and limitations of a variety of computer models related to water quantity and quality management by way of four or five test cases.