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9A History of Drought in Colorado: Lessons Learned and What Lies Ahead
Authors: Thomas B. McKee, Nolan J. Doesken, John Kleist, Catherine J. Shrier, William P. Stanton
2/1/2000Tell a colleague
8Irrigation Water Use in the Yampa River Basin
Authors: D. H. Smith, R. H. Nichols, and F. M. Smith
11/1/1998Tell a colleague
7Inheriting Our Past: River Sediment Sources and Sediment Hazards In Colorado
Authors: Ellen Wohl, Robert McConnell, Jay Skinner, Richard Stenzel
7/1/1998Tell a colleague
6People and Water: an Information Challenge
Authors: Marilee Long, Mark Kumler, Sharon Gabel, James L. Wescoat Jr, Greg Luft
9/1/1993Tell a colleague
5An Institute Runs Through It! New Challenges For a 30 Year-Old Idea!
Authors: Robert C. Ward
11/1/1995Tell a colleague
4South Platte Water Rights Management System
10/1/1995Tell a colleague
3Ecological Integrity And Western Water Management: A Colorado Perspective
Authors: Alan P. Covich, William H. Clements, Kurt D. Fausch, John D. Stednick, John Wilkins-Wells, Steven R. Abt
9/1/1995Tell a colleague
2Initiating a Water Management Decision Support System for the South Platte River Basin
8/1/1995Tell a colleague
1When is Soil Vapor Extraction Right for Protecting Groundwater Quality?
7/1/1994Tell a colleague
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