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32The Economics of Irrigation in Colorado's Lower Arkansas River Valley
Authors: Blake Osborn, Anthony S. Orlando, Dana L. Hoag, Timothy K. Gates, James C. Valliant
5/11/2017Tell a colleague
31Where now with Alternative Transfer Methods—ATMs—in Colorado?
Authors: Anne Castle, MaryLou Smith, John Stulp, Brad Udall, Reagan Waskom
4/20/2017Tell a colleague
30Report to the Colorado Legislature South Platte Phreatophyte Study
Authors: Andrew Norton, Gabrielle Katz, Ahmed Eldeiry, Reagan Waskom, and Tom Holtzer
12/21/2016Tell a colleague
Authors: Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!
28Economic Impact Analysis and Regional Activity Tool for Alternative Irrigated Cropping in the San Luis Valley
Authors: Rebecca Hill, James Pritchett
8/8/2016Tell a colleague
27Case Studies Outlining Challenges and Opportunities for Agricultural Water Conservation in the Colorado River Basin
Authors: Masih Akhbari, MaryLou Smith
6/17/2016Tell a colleague
26Where Are We Now? Socio-Ecological Risks and Community Responses to Oil and Gas Development in Colorado
Authors: Karie Boone
12/5/2014Tell a colleague
25How Diversion and Beneficial Use of Water Affect the Value and Measure of a Water Right
Authors: Reagan Waskom, Kevin Rein, Dick Wolfe, MaryLou Smith
2/16/2016Tell a colleague
24Data for Improved Water Management in Colorado's Arkansas River Basin
Authors: Timothy Gates
12/5/2014Tell a colleague
23Agricultural Chemicals & Groundwater Protection in Colorado
Authors: Troy Bauder, Reagan Waskom, Rob Wawrzynski, Karl Mauch, Erik Wardle, Andrew Ross
Tell a colleague
22Agricultural/ Urban/ Environmental Water Sharing: Innovative Strategies for the Colorado River Basin and the West
Authors: MaryLou Smith, James Pritchett
Tell a colleague new windowAbstract
21Quantification Task: A Description of Agriculture Production and Water Transfers in the Colorado River Basin
Authors: James Pritchett
1/1/2011Tell a colleague
20Meeting Colorado's Future Water Supply Needs: Opportunities and Challenges Associated with Potential Agricultural Water Conservation Measures
Authors: Kelly DiNatale, Todd Doherty, Reagan Waskom, Rick Brown
9/1/2008Tell a colleague new windowAbstract
18Federal Bureaucracy and Locality: A Case Study of the Uncompahgre Valley Water Users’ Association’s Management of its Water Commons
Authors: April Pratt
4/1/2010Tell a colleague new windowAbstract
17Public Perceptions, Preferences and Values for Water in the West: A Survey of Western and Colorado Residents
Authors: Pritchett, J., A. Bright, A. Shortsleeve, J. Thorvaldson, T. Bauder and R. Waskom
2/1/2009Tell a colleague new windowAbstract
16Agricultural Chemicals and Groundwater Protection in Colorado 1990-2006
Authors: Troy Bauder, Reagan Waskom, Rob Wawrzynski, Karl Mauch, Greg Naugle
12/1/2006Tell a colleague new windowAbstract
15Irrigation, Settlement, and Change on the Cache La Poudre River
Authors: Rose Laflin
6/1/2005Tell a colleague new windowAbstract
14Colorado High Plains Irrigation Practices Guide, Water Saving Options for Irrigators in Eastern Colorado
Authors: Rachel Barta, Israel Broner, Joel Schneekloth and Reagan Waskom
3/1/2004Tell a colleague new windowAbstract
13Stretching Urban Water Supplies In Colorado: Strategies For Landscape Water Conservation
Authors: Rachel Barta with assistance from R. Ward, R. Waskom and D. Smith
2/1/2004Tell a colleague new windowAbstract
12Organizing For Endangered And Threatened Species Habitat In The Platte River Basin
Authors: David M. Freeman
9/1/2003Tell a colleague new windowAbstract
11Water Research In The Rockies: An Historical Retrospect: Rocky Mountain Hydraulic Laboratory And The Rocky Mountain Hydrologic Research Center, Allenspark, Colorado
Authors: Research and Writing by Jill Marsh.
1/1/1996Tell a colleague new windowAbstract
10Delph Carpenter - Father Of Colorado River Treaties
Authors: Text of Governor Ralph L. Carr
9/1/1991Tell a colleague new windowAbstract
91990 Floods In The U.S., A Descriptive Report Of Flooding In The Southern States
Authors: CWRRI
11/1/1990Tell a colleague new windowAbstract
8Colorado's Water: Climate, Supply And Drought
Authors: CWRRI
6/1/1990Tell a colleague new windowAbstract
7The Colorado Water Resources Research Institute - 25 Years Of Research, Training And Scientific Publications
new windowAbstractComing Soon!
6Network Analysis Of Raw Water Supplies Under Complex Water Rights And Exchanges: Documentation For Program Modsim3
Authors: J.W. Labadie, Andrew M. Pineda and Dennis A. Bode.
3/1/1984Tell a colleague new windowAbstract
5A Guide To Colorado Water Law
Authors: Ward H. Fischer, Steven B. Ray, Glen D. Rask and Windol L. Wyatt.
4/1/1978Tell a colleague new windowAbstract
4Environmental Inventory Of A Portion Of Piceance Basin In Rio Blanco County, Colorado
new windowAbstractComing Soon!
3Irrigation Development Potential In Colorado
Authors: Norman K. Whittlesey.
5/1/1977Tell a colleague new windowAbstract
2Environment And Colorado - A Handbook
Authors: Edited by Phillip O. Foss.
Tell a colleague new windowAbstract
1Design Of Water And Wastewater Systems For Rapid Growth Areas And Resorts
Authors: J. Ernest Flack.
5/1/1977Tell a colleague new windowAbstract
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