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13The Complementary Relationship In The Estimation Of Regional Evapotranspiration: An Enhanced Advection-Aridity Model
Authors: Michael T. Hobbins, Jorge A. Ramirez and Thomas C. Brown
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12Integration Of Water Quantity/Quality In River Basin Network Flow Modeling
Authors: Tewei Dai and John W. Labadie
1/1/1997Tell a colleague
11Use Of Gis Modeling Techniques As A Planning Tool For Establishment Of Wetlands As Nitrate And Pesticide Removal Facilities
Authors: David G. Wagner and Maurice D. Hall
5/1/1995Tell a colleague
10Decision Support System For Conjunctive Stream-Aquifer Management
Authors: Jeffrey W. Fredricks and John W. Labadie
8/1/1995Tell a colleague
9Temporal And Spatial Variations Of Hydraulic Conductivity In A Stream Bed In Golden, Colorado
Authors: Steven R. Hannula and Eileen P. Poeter.
4/11/1995Tell a colleague
8Developing A Biotic Index For Colorado Stream Quality
Authors: Scott A. Grotheer, J.M. Chudd, Sen-Her Shieh, N.J. Voriz and J.V. Ward. (also numbered as Completion Report No.187)
11/1/1994Tell a colleague
7An Integrated Economic Hydrologic Model For Groundwater Basin Management
Authors: Islam M. Faisal, Robert A. Young and James W. Warner, (also numbered as Completion Report No. 186)
5/1/1994Tell a colleague
6Field Assessment Of Stream/Aquifer Interaction Under Semi-Arid Conditions And Problems With Computer Representation
Authors: Lisa L. Bissett and Eileen P. Poeter. (also numbered as Completion Report No. 185)
6/1/1994Tell a colleague
5Economic Factors Affecting Residential Water Demand In Colorado
Authors: Laurie L. Walters and Robert A. Young. (also numbered as Completion Report No. 175 )
5/1/1994Tell a colleague
4The Economic Impact Due To Drawdown On Colorado's Recreation Reservoirs
Authors: K-Lynn Cameron and Robert A. Young (also numbered as Completion Report No.174)
Coming Soon!
3The Role Of The South Platte Tributary Aquifer In Ne Colorado Irrigated Agriculture: Results Of A Survey
Authors: P.K. Bash and R.A. Young. (also numbered as Completion Report No. 173)
6/1/1994Tell a colleague
2Some Economic Impacts Of A Rural-To-Urban Water Transfer: A Case Study Of Crowley County, Colorado
Authors: R.G. Taylor, R.A. Young and J.R. McKean.(also numbered as Completion Report No. 171)
11/1/1993Tell a colleague
1An Approach To Modeling A Steam-Aquifer System For Conjunctive Management
Authors: H.J. Morel-Seytoux, Chuanmian Zhang and R.A. Young. (also numbered as Completion Report No. 170)
5/1/1990Tell a colleague
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