The mission of the Colorado Water Institute is to connect all of Colorado's higher education expertise to the research and education needs of Colorado water managers and users.

Recent Legislative History of the Colorado Water Institute:

The Colorado Water Institute (CWI) is authorized and funded by Congress and the Colorado Legislature. CWI is accountable to Congress via its annual appropriation, a required annual report, and a thorough Congressionally mandated peer review conducted every five years under the auspices of the U.S. Geological Survey. Copies of CWI's Federal and State authorizing legislation are attached to the Annual Report PDF. CWI is operated, by law, as a state-wide water research institute, obligated to connect all water expertise in Colorado's higher education system with research and education needs of Colorado's water managers and users.

Colorado Water Institute Mission is Defined by:

  • Federal Water Resources Research Act -- 42 USC Sec. 10301 et. seq. -- last amended on January 11, 2007, President Bush signed this act into law (by PL 106-374) (114 STAT. 1434 and the Water Resources Research Act Amendments of 2006) (PL 109-471) -- a five-year authorization extension (fiscal years 2007 through 2011)
  • Colorado Legislature
    • SB06-183
    • HB07-1096
    • HB08-1026
    • Bill changed name to Colorado Water Institute and expanded the mission
    • HB08-1405

CWI Reports to:

  • Vice President of Engagement, Lou Swanson
  • CWI's Advisory Committee on Water Research Policy, per SB06-183
  • USGS External Research Officer (Per Federal Water Resources Research Act -- (annual proposal and report required)
  • National Institutes for Water Resources annual report

Colorado Water Institute Annual Report
CWI 2015-2016 Annual Report PDF
CWI 2014-2015 Annual Report PDF
CWI 2013-2014 Annual Report PDF

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