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Other Publications & Files

Colorado Ag Water Alliance Conservation Brochure

Information and guidelines for your water well and septic system:
Water Well Records -- Septic System Records

Fact Sheet: Graywater Reuse and Rainwater Harvesting

The Future of Colorado Agricultural Water: A Panel's Perspective

Considerations for Agriculture to Urban Water Transfers

Legal and Institutional Opportunities for Aquifer Recharge and Storage in Colorado -- An Interactive Forum

Water Information

2014 June Nexus Workshop - Colorado State University, in collaboration with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the International Center for Integrated Water Resources Management (ICIWaRM) and the U.S. Department of State conducted a practitioner workshop on June 23-24, 2014 to prepare a synthesis of discussions about U.S. perspectives and lessons learned on the water-food-energy nexus.

Colorado Water Institute

Colorado Water Sharing

Drinking Water Resources - Information and resources regarding well and septic systems maintenance, water quality, and support for offering a well testing program in your community.

Flood Safety Resources - Flash flood safety tips and additional flood resources

HB1278 South Platte Website - This website was created by the Colorado Water Institute to keep interested parties informed on the products, processes and actions taken as the study unfolded.

National Weather Service's Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service - Water-related info, including current conditions and forecasted flows for rivers, precip, and runoff

Nutrients and Water Quality Workshop - Agencies and universities in the six states of EPA Region 8 convened for a three-day workshop in February 2011 to explore the science and institutional context regarding nutrients and water quality.

Resources for Landowners in Areas with Oil and Gas Development - Information regarding hydraulic fracturing, water quality testing guidelines, and frequently asked questions.

USGS Groundwater Data - Variety of groundwater data, including information about current or real-time groundwater levels as well as daily, monthly, and annual data and stats

USGS National Water Information System - Information such as trends associated with river flows, water levels in reservoirs and groundwater conditions, water quality, water temperature, dissolved oxygen, salinity, and pH.

Water Conservation & The Possibliities - Learn About The Remarkable Opportunities Available Through Water Conservation

Water Quality Interpretation Tool - This tool assists water users in evaluating their drinking, livestock, and irrigation water quality test results.

Water Resources Archive @ CSU Libraries

Water Resources of Colorado (USGS)

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State Water Agencies

Colorado Decision Support Systems

Colorado Department of Agriculture

Colorado Department of Natural Resources

Colorado Division of Water Quality Control

Colorado Division of Wildlife

Colorado Flood Information

Colorado Geological Survey - Groundwater Atlas of Colorado

Colorado State Judicial Branch Water Courts

Colorado Water Conservation Board

Colorado Water Quality Control Commission

Colorado Water Quality Forum

Division of Water Resources

River Watch

State of Colorado

Stream Flow Information

Texas Natural Resources Information System

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Local Water Agencies in Colorado

Central Colorado Water Conservancy District - The primary services provided to constituents include the operation of the Substitute Supply Plan of augmentation for approximately 1,000 irrigation wells, operation of numerous groundwater recharge sites, surface and groundwater quality research, water education activities for students and adults, lobbying at the state and federal levels, and review of water rights applications in the Division One Water Court.

Colorado River Water Conservation District

Denver Water

Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District - The District encompasses almost 1.5 million acres in portions of Boulder, Larimer, Weld, Morgan, Logan, Washington and Sedgwick Counties. Total value of agricultural production within District boundaries in 1996 was $357 million with a population within the District of approximately 530,000.

Roaring Fork Conservancy - Founded in November of 1996 as an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Roaring Fork River and its tributaries. The Conservancy addresses environmental concerns about the Roaring Fork River and its corridors that extend from Independence Pass to Glenwood Springs where it joins the Colorado River.

The City of Fort Collins Emergency Management Web Page - The flooding section has good info on the July 1997 flood as well as some of the historical floods in Fort Collins.

The Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District - This site has reviews of recently published books on water resources. Links to the Journal of the AWRA and Conference Proceedings are also available.

The Southwest Water Conservation District - Information about the history of the Southwest Water Conservation District, an excellent list of water terms and definitions, and water information for the Four Corners area.

The Water Information Program - Public information program sponsored by the water districts, organizations and agencies in the San Juan and Dolores watersheds of Southwestern Colorado.

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Local, Regional, and State Water Agencies and Organizations

Citizens for San Luis Valley Water - Dedicated to ensure the prudent use of San Luis Valley water in conjunction with preservation of the agricultural, ecological, and recreational environment.

Clean Water Action - Colorado

Colorado Section of the American Water Resources Association - The objectives of the Colorado Section of AWRA include: The advancement of water resources research, planning, development, management, and education. Establishing a common meeting ground for scientists, engineers and other persons concerned with Colorado's water resources. The collection, organization and dissemination of ideas and information in the field of water resources science and technology.

Colorado Water Congress - The mission of the Colorado Water Congress is to promote the wise management and stewardship of the State's water resources for the benefit of Colorado's present and future generations.

Colorado Water Protection Project - The goal of the CWPP is to implement a comprehensive public relations campaign and supporting activities to increase public awareness in Colorado about the causes of and solutions to urban polluted runoff resulting from household activities

Colorado Watershed Assembly - Mission to support collaborative efforts to protect and improve the conservation of land and natural resources of Colorado Watersheds. Site includes a map of Colorado Watershed Groups

Powell Consortium - The Powell consortium is an alliance of seven Water Resources Research Institutes and Centers from the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming formed to work on water resources problems of the Colorado River/Great Basin region. The Consortium is named in recognition of John Wesley Powell (1834-1902), geologist, teacher and philosopher, whose pioneering explorations of the Colorado River Basin became legendary

Water Education Colorado - Mission: "To promote better understanding of Colorado's water resources and issues by providing balanced and accurate information and education."

Western Drought Coordination Council

Western Governors Association - Available at this site is the Drought Response Action Plan, WGA. Scroll to "Lands and Waters" section and click on link for drought plan.

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National Water Information Servers

American Water Resources Association - This site has reviews of recently published books on water resources. Links to the Journal of the AWRA and Conference Proceedings are also available._

American Water Works Association - The American Water Works Association (AWWA) is an international nonprofit scientific and educational society dedicated to the improvement of drinking water quality and supply.

AWWA Research Foundation - The AWWA Research Foundation sponsors research for the drinking water community. The AWWA Research Foundation sponsors research for the drinking water community.

Eco I.Q. - Provides internet publications, professional development resources, and consulting and client services designed to help communities and their local governments become more environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable.

Eco I.Q. Water - This anthology includes 26 articles, essays, and longer documents on water.

League of Women Voters - Tools for Drinking Water Protection -- This website offers information on the March 19, 1997 interactive satellite video workshop.

National Drinking Water Clearinghouse - The NDWC at West Virginia University is a public service organization that collects, develops, and distributes timely drinking water-related information.

National Drought Mitigation Center - This website includes information on climatology, drought-monitoring tools and web sites, and other information relating to drought.

National Environmental Directory - A directory of more than 13,000 organizations in the United States concerned with environmental issues and environmental education. Includes a search for organizations the Rocky Mountain Region.

National Institute for Water Resources (NIWR) - Contains information on the National Water Resources Research Institutes program and connections to various state water institutes around the country. Each state has a unique water research program, specializing in different fields.

National Small Flows Clearinghouse - This website has a variety of information on drinking water and wastewater for small communities.

National Water Resources Association - The National Water Resources Association is a nonprofit federation of state organizations concerned with the appropriate management, conservation, and use of water and land resources on a national scope.

The Platte Watershed Program - Pulls together more than 1,500 publications, reports and academic studies related to the Platte River Basin.

Universities Water Information Network (UWIN) - Maintained by the Universities Council on Water Resources, UWIN is a server containing USGS water research abstracts, conference announcements, job listings in the water resources field, a database of water resources experts, United States Groundwater Information, and a bulletin board service called Water Talk.

University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension - Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials.

WaterWiser - Find the latest resources, references and information on this website of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) for water conservation and efficiency practitioners and advocates.

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Universities and University Departments

Colorado School of Mines - Contains listings of departments at CSM with WWW and gopher services.

Colorado School of Mines - International Ground Water Modeling Center

Colorado State University - Listings of colleges and departments at CSU with WWW and gopher services.

CSU - Agricultural Sciences - Includes link to Departments

CSU - Engineering - Includes links to Departments of Atmospheric Science, Civil Engineering, Chemical and Biological Engineering

CSU - IDS Group - The Integrated Decision Support (IDS) Group at CSU combines advanced modeling with software engineering to create Decision Support Systems for water and natural resources management.

CSU - Liberal Arts - Includes links to Departments of Economics, Agricultural and Natural Resources Journalism, History, Political Science and Sociology

CSU - Natural Resources - Includes links to Departments of Earth Resources, Fishery & Wildlife Biology, Forest Sciences, Rangeland Ecosystems, Recreation and Tourism.and Natural Resources

CSU - Natural Sciences - Includes links to Departments of Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry and Computer Science

CSU - The Water Center - An umbrella organization for campus water-related programs. For more than a Century, Colorado State's engineers have designed infrastructure and water resources systems that sustain and advance our society and protect our ecological systems as well.

CSU - Water Quality Home Page - Department of Soil & Crop Sciences

New Mexico Tech - Contains listings of departments with WWW and gopher services.

New Mexico Tech - Earth & Environmental Science

North Carolina State - Water Resources Research Institute

North Dakota State University - Coping with Floods

Purdue University - Desdemona's SPLASH -- a CD-ROM game for elementary students that combines fun and education to teach students about protecting the water quality of their lakes. Desdemona the dragonfly shows students the lake and how their choices affected the lake's water quality. To order visit the web site. Also found at this site is Know Your Watershed -- Information Clearinghouse for Watershed Coordinators.

Texas A&M University

University of Arizona - Agriculture

University of Colorado at Boulder - Contains listings of departments with WWW and gopher services.

University of Colorado at Boulder - CADSWES - Center for Advanced Decision Support for Water and Environmental Systems an interdisciplinary research and development center of the College of Engineering and Applied Science located at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Established in 1988, CADSWES performs research under the sponsorship of a number of organizations.

University of Colorado at Boulder - Center of the American West - Project that seeks to establish a better understanding of how "westerners" see themselves and the region in which they live.

University of Colorado at Boulder - Geograpy

University of Minnesota - Soil, Water & Climate

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

University of Nebraska-Lincoln - Water Center

University of Nebraska-Lincoln - Water Sciences

University of New Mexico - Contains listings of departments at UNM with WWW and gopher services.

University of Utah

University of Utah - Energy & Geoscience Institute

Utah State University - Links to colleges and departments including agriculture and engineering

West Virginia University

West Virginia University - National Drinking Water Clearing House

Western State University

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Federal Branches and Agencies

BLM - Bureau of Land Management

BLM - Directory - Directory of BLM offices and phone numbers

BLM - Organizational Chart

Bureau of Reclamation

ELIPS - The Electronic Library of Interior Policies: Provides instant access to Dept. of the Interior policies, replacing outdated paper distribution practices. This page also automatically tracks all changes, updates any references to those policies in existing material, updates the Table of Contents, and moves updated information to a retrievable archive.

EPA - Environmental Protection Agency

EPA - Office of Groundwater & Drinking Water

EPA - Publications - The Environmental Protection Agency now has over 6,000 EPA publications available on its Internet site. From the National Environmental Publication Internet Site (NEPIS) you can Search and view these full-image scanned publications from the EPA public access server. Questions may be directed to Shannon McFarland, Project Manager, at 513/569-7762; or to

EPA - Safe Water - See this website for information about the Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program

EPA - Science Advisory Board - Browse SAB's 1995 &1996 reports

EPA - Surf Your Watershed - EPA's Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds is developing this web site

EPA - Top 10 Watershed Lessons Learned

EPA - Watershed Management Program

EPA - Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds

FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency; encourage the spread of emergency management related education

Food and Drug Administration - National Center for Toxicology Research

Library of Congress

National Academy of Sciences

National Aeronautics and Space Administration - This website presenting information on the global hydrologic cycle is named WetNet Data. This interdisciplinary NASA project uses data from polar-orbiting satellites

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences - An alphabetical/special topics index for NIEHS and other important web sites.

National Park Service

Office of Environmental Management

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - The homepage contains information on training and educational materials, electronic data interchange, electronic commerce, and others, and includes links

U.S. Department of Agriculture

U.S. Department of Energy

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

U.S. Department of the Interior

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

USDA Forest Service - Information on land management, research, and state, private and international forestry activities

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service - (Formerly Soil Conservation Service) Contains information and data on air, water, soil, plant, human, and other resources

USDA TMDL Information - For information on Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs), check out this web site developed by the Agricultural Research Service, USDA. Contains answers to most frequently-asked questions about TMDLs, background information, links to EPA sites, state-specific TMDL information, tools for developing TMDLs, and recent congressional hearings.

USGS - U.S. Geological Survey

USGS National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA)

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Interstate Water Related Organizations

Colorado River Water Users Association

Western States Water Council

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Other Local & Regional Water-Related Organizations

SAHRA - Sustainability of Semi-Arid Hydrology and Riparian Areas (A National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center)

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Other National Water-Related Organizations

Ground Water Protection Council - The purpose of the GWPC is to promote and ensure the use of best management practices and fair but effective laws regarding comprehensive ground water protection.

National Water Quality Monitoring Council - Provides national coordination to implement the Strategy to Improve Water-Quality Monitoring in the United States.

North American Lake Management Society

Pollution Online - From the makers of Water Online comes a site for professionals in the pollution equipment and pollution control industry.

Public Works Online

Save Our Streams Program - A national watershed educational and outreach program

Soil and Water Conservation Society

Solid Wastes Online

The Isaak Walton League of America - One of the oldest conservation organizations in the U.S. - Dedicated to protecting America's soil, air, woods, water, and wildlife.

Water Environment Web - An Internet guide to programs of the Water Environment Federation -- its activities, services and related water news.

Water Online - This page includes a combination of information and products. Summaries and updates on water regulations, a searchable library, product showcases, an online newsletter with a variety of topics, projects out for bid, and links to professionals and suppliers.

Water Quality Association

Wildife Habitat Council - Has developed a Corporate Lands for Learning program. Partnering with National Environmental Education led to publishing a guidebook that provides a blueprint for corporations and schools to follow in building their own environmental education project. Based on lessons learned from seven pilot sites.

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International Water Related Organizations

International Association of Hydrological Sciences - Contains many useful links to other international sources.

International Erosion Control Association - Check the website for the publications catalog. Information is included on erosion and sediment control and stormwater and watershed management.

One World - For information about water, sanitation and the environment in Third World countries.

The Centre for Ecological Economics and Water Policy Research - (formerly, the Centre for Water Policy Research) at the University of New England, Australia - A national focus for research into Australia's water and water-related resources. The Centre is now one of the world's leading ecological economics research organizations.

Water Portal - The Water Portal of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization is intended to enhance access to information related to freshwater available on the World Wide Web.

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