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Tim Covino, PhD.

Assistant Professor
Ecosystem Science and Sustainabilit
[Email](970) 491-2236

Lee H. MacDonald, PhD.

Emeritus Professor and Senior Resea
Ecosystem Science and Sustainabilit
[Email](970) 491-6109

Ryan Morrison, PhD.

Assistant Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering
[Email](970) 491-6057

Blake Osborn

Southern Regional Water Resources S
Colorado Water Institute / Water Ce
[Email](719) 276-7391

Mark W. Paschke, PhD.

Associate Professor
Forest and Rangeland Stewardship
[Email](970) 491-0760

Glenn G. Patterson

[Email](970) 586-5196

Jerry Vaske, PhD.

Human Dimensions of Natural Resourc
[Email](970) 491-2360

George N. Wallace, PhD.

Emeritus Professor
Warner College of Natural Resources
[Email](970) 491-5165