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Lee H. MacDonald, PhD.

Emeritus Professor and Senior Resea
Ecosystem Science and Sustainabilit
[Email](970) 491-6109

Sheryl L. Magzamen, PhD.

Assistant Professor
Environmental and Radiological Heal
[Email](970) 491-5469

Stephanie Malin, PhD.

Assistant Professor
[Email](970) 491-5414

Michael J. Manfredo, PhD.

Department Head
Human Dimensions of Natural Resourc
[Email](970) 491-6591

Dale Manning, PhD.

Assistant Professor
Agricultural and Resource Economics
[Email](970) 491-5706

Patrick H. Martin, PhD.

Associate Professor
Horticulture and Landscape Architec
[Email](970) 491-7216

John H. Matthews, PhD.

Senior Research Scientist
Colorado Water Institute / Water Ce
[Email](703) 623-1333

David I. McLean, PhD.

[Email](970) 491-3366

Sarah Millonig

Assistant Director, One Water Solut
Civil and Environmental Engineering
[Email](970) 491-3016

John Moore, PhD.

Professor and Department Head
Ecosystem Science and Sustainabilit
[Email](970) 491-1796

Ryan Morrison, PhD.

Assistant Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering
[Email](970) 491-6057

Stephen P. Mumme, PhD.

Political Science
[Email](970) 491-7428

Christopher A. Myrick, PhD.

Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Bio
[Email](970) 491-5657