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Troy A. Bauder

Extension Specialist
Soil and Crop Sciences
[Email](970) 491-4923

Jessica G. Davis, PhD.

Soil and Crop Sciences
[Email](970) 491-1913

Boris C. Kondratieff

Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest M
[Email](970) 491-7314

James C. Linden, PhD.

Emeritus Professor
Chemical and Biological Engineering
[Email](970) 581-6652

John (Jay) R. Nuckols, PhD.

Emeritus Professor
Environmental and Radiological Heal
[Email](970) 218-4757

Pinar Omur-Ozbek, PhD.

Assistant Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering
[Email](970) 491-6670

Yaling Qian, PhD.

Horticulture and Landscape Architec
[Email](970) 491-7079

James R. Self, PhD.

Research Scientist
Soil and Crop Sciences
[Email](970) 491-5061